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Having clear, radiant looking skin can go a long way in boosting your confidence, and its easily one of the best beauty assets one can have, and one that is much sought after.

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The name Yon-ka is a combination of two words: Yon, a river with purifying waters; and ka, an ancient Egyptian symbol for an individual's life force. Yonka is a French company that specializes in a plant-based approach to skincare. The effects of these extracts are enhanced by additional marine ingredients, as well as vitamins, minerals, and alpha hydroxy acids.

For Yon-Ka, the quality of a treatment rests on perfect knowledge of the skin, specific and accurate analysis of its needs, and mastery of products and application methods. For this reason, Yon-Ka has exclusive partnerships with professional estheticians, who advise you and suggest personalized treatments for the face and body, key components of both physical and mental well-being.

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G.M Collin

The G.M. Collin solution to radiant, healthier and younger looking skin... a perfect combination of clinical care treatments and home care programs.

The goal is to bring the skin to a superior level of improvement by initiating corrective actions and offering the skin greater receptivity to the personalized complementary daily home care program.

G.M. Collin offers a full line of professional skincare products to allow the aesthetician to treat effectively all skin types and conditions.

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Founded in the 1970's on the outskirts of Milan, Italy (one of the world"s great international design centers), PUPA owes its spectacular success to its incredible makeup kits. Originally targeted to a teenage market, PUPA's bold designs, rich colors, intrinsic quality and creativity soon captured the attention of an increasingly sophisticated market. PUPA's dedication to extensive scientific research has yielded incredible results. Each PUPA product not only enhances a woman's natural beauty, but actually combines the latest in skin care technology to protect and improve the skin.

Today PUPA,the #1 color line in Italy, with distribution in over 80 countries,offers a broad range of kits, individual color cosmetics, and fragrances for every age and every taste.

PUPA. Quality, innovation, and flair,a winning combination.

Our objective is to be close to all women by bringing them original, different products that anticipate fashion trends.

PUPA beauty is easy and accessible; it gives women a chance to play with their faces everyday and satisfy their changing moods.

Women pick PUPA because they share its spirit and its non conventional approach.

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